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CCDH = Grown Man Ride!

23 | Jul | '21

CCDH is a grown man ride; 13.6 miles, 3200' of vertical climbing and a 2.7 mile very dark blue descent. This ride is not for the faint of heart. Think of CCDH like NOTG or OTG but 3X longer in more heavily wooded forest with bigger ruts on a narrower trail. It's lightly ridden because the climb is a gateway feature. Today it was dusty, rutted and rocky with prominent roots, rocks and steep tight downhill sections. The only reason this monster isn't black is there are no absolutely huge drops, though there is a medium sized rock roll. Pack all your gear, fill your bladder, tighten your sphincter and head out. Be ready to suffer. 

Submitted by Bryan on 07/23/2021