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Duthie - Under Appreciated?

04 | Aug | '21

Duthie is really a world class park, and I think under appreciated by the local mountain bike community. I rode HLC, Voodoo, Ryan's and Step It Up as well as Luna and Boot Camp several times. Bad news is these trails are so heavily ridden that there are now braking bumps (more like pits) in most of the berms. That gateway drop on HLC makes zero sense; it's the only drop on this jump line and the 90 degree angle on the entrance ramp makes it more dangerous by limiting your speed. Also the second drop on Voodoo off the downslope ramp is massive, easily the biggest in the park at nearly 6' so look before you leap. Also various noob and grom bike camps show up about 9:30 AM, so get there early unless you want to almost be part of a kids camp!

Submitted by Bryan on 08/04/2021