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Ride Reports

White River Trail is clear from the upper trailhead(near the Corral Pass Rd gate) to the Boy Scout Camp.  Still trees down between the BS camp and the 410 end. Skookum is tree free from Rd 73 to 2.6 miles - just past the falls.  The next 2...
Submitted by jackd49 on 4/4/16
Cold Creek is running great right now! Snow at the top by towers and leading down to rock shelf but everything beyond that is great!
Submitted by Luchau45 on 4/4/16
Just like the last poster stated, the trail needs some clearing yet. There are still a good amount of trees to hike your bike over. We turned around just after the falls when the trees and trail were too hard to wrestle over. Unless you live close, I...
Submitted by jnkittell on 4/4/16
04 | 03 | '16
I started a sage hills (parked off 5th street) and rode over to Horse Tail parking area and then took the fire road up to Homestead trail.  There are some early season rutting, but nothing major.  Spent 3 hours out on the bike and had a gre...
Submitted by mrcool202 on 4/4/16
04 | 01 | '16
This trail is amazing! It was kind of hard to find threw all the narrow gravel roads. But besides that, it was one of the best trails I have road. It had great flow on the downhills. My favorite part was the amazing views over the bluffs looking over...
Submitted by on 4/2/16
03 | 27 | '16
Rode this on my cyclocross/gravel bike and man, what a workout. Pretty rocky roads with some overgrowth spilling over, nothing terrible though. Nobody out on the trails but some shooters in the distance, which was nice. The east side has a really ni...
Submitted by vnasty on 3/31/16
Decided to ride the CCC Rd/Trail starting at Bessemer Rd gate off the Middle Fork Rd.  MFR is a terribly potholed beat up/waterlogged road right now.  I am assuming they will regrade this before they start paving for the year but I sure wou...
Submitted by jackd49 on 3/30/16
03 | 19 | '16
Some patches of snow on upper ETS. One 16" dia or so tree across lower ETS. Some snow on Predator ascent., Downhill in good shape.
Submitted by scarbelly on 3/20/16
03 | 18 | '16
Snow at the summit, upper summit trail and OTG both snowed in but rideable.  Lower OTG is clean and dry.  Preston, Fully Rigid, Joy Ride, and Timber all in great shape.  
Submitted by caseykelso on 3/19/16
Trails not quite ready yet.  Still way too soft in spots.  Some of the lower area trails will be ready in a week or two, but the upper trails (above the Oh Deer cutoff) won't be ridable for a few more weeks at best.  Watch for updates....
Submitted by Kevin Dwight on 3/19/16
Kevin Dwight
I was looking for solitude and to explore new trails - ended up riding part of the CCC trail. I was also curious what the stream crossings would look like this time of  year. I parked in the Mt. Si lot. The road part of the trail was great, a fe...
Submitted by on 3/17/16
03 | 16 | '16
Trails are all in great shape, very little water or mud. There are a few trees down on Mainline, Two Trees, Ephemeral and Cedar Run.  The tree on Cedar Run is across the ladder bridge with the kinky turn around a tree.  The downed tree com...
Submitted by woodway on 3/17/16
Skookum/White River has lots and lots of trees down across the trail and some washouts. Good news is that the Skookum Trail is mostly cleared from the lower trailhead to just past the falls.  Most are singletons to step over or around but Skook...
Submitted by jackd49 on 3/6/16
03 | 05 | '16
First time here. The southern side was pretty well drained, although it was still slippery. The Northeast end, North of the entrance, was a little wet and had some significant puddles and mud spots. Work in the clear cut is ongoing (we saw some guys...
Submitted by Ludaman21 on 3/5/16
02 | 25 | '16
I am certain that at some point this was cool - but now - it is straight sketchy and long out of shape.  It now belongs to the homeless.  People walking thru the area were shocked to see me there - like they have never seen anyone ride ther...
Submitted by Jensers on 3/1/16
02 | 28 | '16
Kind of wet in some areas but mostly tacky dirt. There is quite a bit of mud by the ladder bridge on southern traverse and the jumps at the end of cedar run have been rebuilt and are very much better.
Submitted by el_gonzito on 3/1/16
02 | 20 | '16
Rode  it on a beautiful Saturday in February. There are a lot of leaves scattered about which makes some spots slippery. There is ongoing work on the trails west of 18th Ave in the area near the cemetary but further south it starts to be overgro...
Submitted by Ludaman21 on 2/23/16
02 | 14 | '16
The Wildcat trails were in great shape, despite the rain, wiith only a couple of short sections (especially rocky areas) where water was coming down the trail. Unfortunately the entire length of Beaver Pond is closed/blocked due to logging operations...
Submitted by jhouk on 2/19/16
Derailed is the newest trail at Port Gamble. The 2016 map on this site des show it but it will not be on the trail maps available at the trail heads. If you park on Stottlemeyer take the trails to Map location 11 (yellow 11 on maps). From this locati...
Submitted by van462 on 2/15/16
02 | 10 | '16
I used to ride Tolt pretty regularly, but hadn't been back since before the big clear-cut.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised.  Not only were a lot of my old favorite trails still around - and in...
Submitted by r1de on 2/14/16