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Rat Pac + South Teanaway Loop

09 | Oct | '16

Rode Rat Pac and South Teanaway Loop a day after heavy rains. Get the PDF map and Avena map reader at the Roslyn bike store website (rideroslyn.com). Would have been (more) lost without it. 26.7 miles, 4100 feet elevation gain, 6 hours of ride time.

Started in Roslyn at the coal mine trail, went up Rat Pac road (newly signed thankfully), left onto ridge road for a short while, right on road with gate (8 on .pdf map) down Teanaway side of ridge to unsigned South Teanaway loop entrance (10 on pdf map), did the loop CLOCKWISE (don't go the other way), back to ridge road and down Rat Pac to Cle Elum, and then Coal Mine trail back to Roslyn.

On the plus side the trails do seem to dry fast with all the sand (not much standing water). On the downside the soft ground makes for less efficient pedaling.

Teanaway trail was rutted (motorcycles, horses). Slippery steep descents into Teanaway where you never had full control of your line - a bit sketchy but a fun new experience - the soft sand reduced the crash danger so you could just go with the unpredictable flow. Riding on the exposed rock above the river was a good time. Did some walking on the way out as steep climbs, limited traction, and pedaling through quicksand became demoralizing.

Rat Pac was fun & wet. Most of the man-made features are broken but it is still a hoot-inducing long roller-coaster ride.

Overall a good adventure ride - get the pdf map and app for your phone - having the blue location dot tell you where you are is critical - lots of crossing roads and trails to get lost on. Even with it some backtracking happened when I got overconfident I was going the right way.

Submitted by Patman on 10/10/2016