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Old Guy Report

I thought it would be good to give an old guy's point of view on these great trails...I'm 52 and just getting back into the swing of things after many years out of the saddle, and there's a lot of folks like me riding BDOS. There's a ton of fun to be had here, most of the trails are pretty quick rides...although plenty long to be engaging & challenging. I rode there last on a somewhat rainy weekend, and the trails were in really good shape, but you do have to be observant as there are a lot of roots and you want to pick your line well when they're wet & slippery.

Out of the parking lot Rock & Roll starts immediately to the left and is a quick, rolling trail with lots of turns and easy berms and is a great way to kick it off...pretty much anyone can ride this and enjoy it. You pop out on the main trail, Route 66, which takes you further in, eventually crossing the railroad tracks into Henry's Ridge, and there are more trails there to ride. I like to ride straight through on that to the top just to get some climbing in...most of it is fire road type of trail and you can really move coming back down.

Jump on Masterlink there, which is a nice rolling XC trail, and there are a number of trails that jump off of that on the Henry's Ridge side, and then farther down into BDOS. I turned on to Spooky which is a tight, twisting XC trail...reasonably technical with lots of rocks and roots to negotiate, although flat for the most part. You can pop out onto Rock & Roll or connect with a few other trails from there.

Ride up the power lines (it's a pretty decent, if short, climb) and take Crooshal back down, which is a screaming fast track with lots of turns, some tabletop jumps and rollers, and big ol' berms. Watch the line on some of the berms, as they've got some potholes...now that the rain is here that will probably get fixed up soon. The berms are in better shape on Fresh Squeezed, which is another climb (this one on singletrack) then fast descent, with one berm that can also be jumped if you're feeling frisky.

Ride toward the tracks a bit and take Tarzan, another fun rolling trail with a couple small jumps at the front end that can easily be rolled over, and that will twist and turn it's way through mostly level trails until it drops you back at Rock & Roll to finish it out.

When you throw in the adjacent trails at Summit Ridge and Henry's Ridge there's a lot of great riding out here. BDOS is my favorite because the newer trails are one way and well marked, and bikes have priority over other users, so you can just concentrate on the riding!

Submitted by Frenchy on 10/08/2016