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Ride Reports

01 | 02 | '16
Solo ride this morning at Cherry Valley.  Saw a handful of hikers, but nobody else on bike.  The trails were amazing - what little water present was in solid state, and there were no obstacles anywhere (except a fallen tree only partially b...
Submitted by r1de on 01/02/2016
01 | 01 | '16
Lots of folks out there yesterday getting the goods, and for a good reason. In the shaded areas the trails are as good a I've ever seen them, though the clear cut by the gnome is, well, a bit muddy as expected, given the warmer temps in the sun. All...
Submitted by MtnPavlas on 01/02/2016
12 | 31 | '15
First time here and took the road to the two tower sites and then did evolution and pump track then back up for three pigs. Snow started at around 1000 ft but packed enough for good traction in most places on the trails. Looking forward to do it all...
Submitted by tomvale on 01/01/2016
12 | 19 | '15
A fairly fun ride though I mainly go there due to its proximity to Seattle. The section between Big Finn Hill and south of QFC has some decent mostly flat trails. A six-year-old on a BMX bike can ride most of that. North of Holmes Point, there's some...
Submitted by snokarver on 12/21/2015
12 | 14 | '15
Rode most of the trails yesterday with my chainsaw and got just about everything cleared.  Still a few trees down on Two Trees, ran out of gas before I could get to them.  All the trails are in pretty good winter shape.  Hardly any sta...
Submitted by woodway on 12/15/2015
At least 6 tree crossings the first mile up Ranger Creek.  Lots of blow downs that need removal.  Even the White River trail has a major blowdown 1/2 mile from Ranger towards Deep Creek.  Let me know if anyone is going out there to wor...
Submitted by wayneber on 12/12/2015
Submitted by r1de on 12/03/2015
11 | 29 | '15
All the downed trees on Cedar Run have now been removed.  
Submitted by woodway on 11/29/2015
11 | 27 | '15
Parked at Fall Creek TH and climbed Wedekind Trail to Wedekind. Left on Porter to Porter Tie trail. Right at gravel rd which quickly turns into a trail back to Wedekind. Crestline trail to Greenline. Greenline back to Fall Creek TH.  About 21 mi...
Submitted by Stempson on 11/28/2015
11 | 26 | '15
Two trees down blocking trail, both in low speed areas. One is at the start of the ladders before descending the hill, and the other is on top of one of the jumps at the end. Two other trees have snapped and are hanging above the expert ladder a...
Submitted by erikzoba on 11/26/2015
Lots of single trees down(about 20 or 30) for the entire loop.  There is one or two where you have to think about how to get around/over, the rest are pretty easy.  Even though it was cold, the tread was surprisingly grippy and fun.  R...
Submitted by jackd49 on 11/25/2015
11 | 23 | '15
Got a quick ride in at Paradise Valley today and the trails are in great shape.  The dirt is really grippy and the roots are really slippery.  There is still a large tree down at the bottom of Cedar Run but everything else was clear.  ...
Submitted by woodway on 11/24/2015
11 | 21 | '15
The Lollipop loop has been offically named "Mike-O-Rama". Going Clockwise the trail was in great condition. The downhill section has fast sweeping corners and the climb back up has amazing veiws of the Ocean. Went down the roughed in downhill tr...
Submitted by darrmari on 11/24/2015
11 | 21 | '15
I took the liberty to update the Rattlesnake Mtn overview page, it looked pretty out of date (referenced a washed out bridge that I think was repaired prior to 2013). I did the counterclockwise loop from the Hwy 18 parking lot, up and around, to the...
Submitted by hardtail on 11/22/2015
11 | 15 | '15
Got out for ride up NWT-JR-FR-Crossover-QuickLink on Sunday and saw a few sets of tracks up there from others.  Fully Rigid was really tough, it was about where the snow coverage began on the trails.  I didn't get out until pretty late, so...
Submitted by hardtail on 11/17/2015
11 | 16 | '15
Just a heads up. There is a tree down across the dual slalom course about a third of the way down.
Submitted by harrgill on 11/17/2015
11 | 11 | '15
There are 2 trees down across Devil's Slide, 1 across Blue Jay Way and 1 tree down on DoLoop (which riders have widened the trail to get around.)   There was a lot of standing water and puddles today, but it was still a fun ride.
Submitted by BeckyBr on 11/11/2015
11 | 10 | '15
I love Hansen Ridge, and watching the seasons change from up there.  The trail has a fresh coat of snow, and some ice in patches, with more snow expected tomorrow.  Soon, it will be time for fat bikes and ice tires.  Hope to see you th...
Submitted by mdfrancisco on 11/10/2015
11 | 07 | '15
After doing the Butte in the morning, I went over to Echo Ridge to take advantage of the day before the rain. I parked at the Upper TH and did Nowhere to Hide and Big Critter and started the Outback counterclockwise. Near the end of the outback loop,...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/07/2015
11 | 07 | '15
Parked at the bottom of the downhill and then rode to the Butte road and then up to the towers. The fire damage is everywhere but the road up is in great shape. Visibility was less than 100 ft at times above 2500 so picture taking was disappointing....
Submitted by tomvale on 11/07/2015