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Kettle Crest


This trail system consists of over 110 miles of unique mostly sub alpine singletrack all currently open to mountain bikes. The Kettle Crest Trail itself stretches for an impressive 40 miles reaching from the Colville Indian Reservation to the North nearly stretching into Canada. Elevation of the trail varies from the bottom of the spur trails ranging mostly 3 to 4 thousand feet of elevation. Kettle Crest itself runs at around 5 to 6 thousand feet in elevation, as the trail constantly climbs up and down various peaks and saddles.

A ride at Kettle Crest will usually involve riding the Kettle Crest Trail, but at different segments. Some key segments are shown under the "Navigation" tab.

Important Links:

EvergreenEast.org is the local advocacy group (formerly FTTRC), based in Spokane.  http://www.evergreeneast.org/

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