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Little Bald Mountain

Little Bald Mountain - entering the scree field

Key Info

2-3 of 5 (technical difficulty)
4 of 5 (physical difficulty)
Central Washington


26 miles total
2900' elevation gain
40% single track
60% fire road
46.961 lat.
-121.086 long.


The ride gains approximately 3000 feet on fireroads(15 miles), which some people choose to shuttle.  Note that the trail 'downhill' isn't just a roll... there's some sharp short uphills that have to be pedaled or pushed along the way, and exposure that requires some concentration, so save some energy and time for it.

At the top, a mile+/600' detour leads to the top of Little Bald proper. The views from the top are spectacular so it's worth expending the energy at least once to check it out.

Central Washington mountains: no-go when snowed in or wet, can get very dusty late in the summer/early fall. A lot of hunters prowling around the area so probably best avoided during modern firearm deer/elk seasons.  Motos use this trail as well.
Some of the steep sun exposed areas can get dry and loose - aka tire washout warning.

Once you get to Cliffdell, it may be convenient to note the location of Whistlin Jack Lodge, if you get there early enough for dinner then you saved yourself the first night of camp cooking. Their breakfast is good too. Shortly past Whistlin Jacks, there are public showers available from a mini-mart store on the left hand side.

 In the summer it may be hard to find a spot in the campground just a few miles short of Cliffdell. There are other campgrounds throughout the area. Pulling out by the side of the road may be in order if desperate. There are local accomodations in Cliffdell.