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Smooth, maintained trails, deep forest

11 | Oct | '16

Really cool 1.5 - 2 hour ride. There's main road entrance which is gated. You drive up to to top where the lookout, bathroom, trailmap and parking are, ride down and then take road or trails back up to the top. This ride I started at low entrance (East Entrance) pull-off parking, trailmap and portapotty. You'll share parking with dog walkers and other bikers. Trails are very well maintained with smooth berms and bridges. Mostly flowing smooth ride with less frequent roots and obstacles. I took Cairn trail up to Laz-Y-Boy, then to road and up a few hundred feet to Bonnie & Clyde up to Sidewinder up to summit. Reversed on the way down - riding trail bike but could definitely see advantage of downhill rig to really scream down berm trails but no real drops or jumps. Overall very nice bike ride close to I-5 in Mt Vernon.


Recommend Skagit Valley Coop for great, cheap drip coffee and fresh bakery, deli foods.

Submitted by dbuchanan1@hotmail.com on 10/11/2016