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Hwy 410 / Mount Rainier North

The Norse Peak fire in the summer of 2017 has affected this trail and others on the northeast side of route 410. Use caution when in the burned area. Be alert for falling trees especially if it is windy. Trail has been cleared but expect soft spots and some holes in the trail.


The Hwy 410 corridor northeast of Mt Rainier is one of the best riding areas in Washington, with a large variety of trail and loop options to choose from.

Here are a few trail descriptions, and please refer to the map for more info.

Skookum Flats:
A very popular trail. It follows the rugged terrain of the south side of the White River. A very scenic, technical trail providing challenge along with a nice forest experience.

White River:
A trail that's often overlooked in its own right. Since it's mainly used as a trail to access or extend ride loops of other more popular trails like Palisades or Skookum Flats. It provides technical challenge and aesthetic beauty. White River is a great trail surrounded by other great trails, and is a great out-and-back option for a strong beginner rider.

Suntop view provides an excellent view of Mt. Rainier that can only be equaled or surpassed by only a few trails open to bikes. A marvelous view from the top, the trail is fairly groomed and straight. Nice forest with open fast easier trail. Unlike other trails in the immediate area, Suntop is also open to eMTBs.

Ranger Creek:
Fairly technical singletrack with exposure, beautiful forests, good climbing, fun descents, technical sections and crazy switchbacks that will challenge the most advanced riders. 

This trail has it all - technical singletrack, beautiful forests, fun descents, technical sections (with some tight switchbacks and rocky walk-a-bike's), and views of Mt. Rainier from the Palisade Cliffs that will blow your mind.

Deep Creek:
Steep and rugged, this a difficult yet great descending trail that will provide challenge for any gravity enthusiast. It is also a fun and different way to climb up to Noble Knob. Sure as heck beats riding up a road. Expect lots of hike-a-bike unless you are an expert climber - and even then.

Noble Knob / Dalles Ridge:
Noble Knob is a great alpine trail that provides excellent views of Mt. Rainier. Also an epic view of Glacier Peak, and Mt. Stuart if you stop for a look on the North side of the ridge. Noble Knob is generally used to access other trails that descend below down and along various drainages like Deep Creek, Dalles Ridge, Ranger Creek, Palisades. Mostly smooth trail that runs through a ridge of timber, and open alpine meadows. Wide sweeping views envelope your peripheral. A few challenging climbs along the Knob, and descents, as it drops you off into Dalles Ridge Trail.

Crystal Mtn:
This is a great 14 mile loop with some grueling climbs, beautiful ridges, great scenery, alpine lakes and wildflower meadows, steep sections, exposed switchbacks, and, if the summit house is open, a chance to buy some burgers and fries at the top.

Old Northway:
This is an unmaintained trail that starts at 2700 feet, a quarter mile off of 410. It rises to meet the normal Northway trail at about 5700 feet in 3.1 miles. For the most part this is only a DESCENT route. This is an alternative way to do Crystal Mountain. It adds about 1,000 vertical feet to the ride. Thanks to John Loomis.

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