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10 | 01 | '15
The SVT is now closed at 356th.  I assume it is also closed off of Tokul Rd. https://kingcountyparks.wordpress.com/2015/08/28/trail-alert-snoqualmie-valley-trail-5/ If anyone knows the secret way to enter with out trespassing or jumping t...
Submitted by smith.paul on 10/02/2015
09 | 30 | '15
Group of 6 of us did Summit to OTG and then Predator yesterday, on a glorious fall day in the PNW. This was the first time I've been to Tiger since before the CDC Enduro, so I was curious to see how the trails were holding up. Obviously I'm not sur...
Submitted by r1de on 10/01/2015
09 | 28 | '15
Returned to Cherry Valley for the first time since the last school year ended.  Great to be back, and conditions did not disappoint!  Totally clear everywhere - no blowdown, and every single creek crossing was bone dry, except for the big o...
Submitted by r1de on 10/01/2015
09 | 29 | '15
Tried out both Tokul East & Tokul West in the last week. The East seems to be a bit desolute and the tracks are in need of repair. The west on the other hand had great trails! Tokyo drift / the jumps is a lot of fun and not so xc as the description w...
Submitted by biker_tim on 09/29/2015
09 | 26 | '15
Short story: Trail is in good shape except for the washout described in other reports.  Washout isn't bad - about 100 feet total and you will have to carry your bike over one log then under another and climb up a steep bank(see photo).  Di...
Submitted by jackd49 on 09/28/2015
09 | 24 | '15
Looks like all the logging is finished and this gated road is once again open for riding.  Lots of new clearcuts to look at.
Submitted by jackd49 on 09/25/2015
09 | 24 | '15
The Outback Trail is now open. Waterbar Heaven, Windsinger, and Ridgeview remain closed for reconstruction. Enjoy.
Submitted by on 09/25/2015
09 | 22 | '15
Recent rains followed by mild, fair weather have made the tread conditions ideal.  Very fast, very grippy, very pretty.  One blowdown on the trail between MP 17 and MP 18.  Could be taken out with a hand saw - I deserve the criticism f...
Submitted by r1de on 09/22/2015
09 | 17 | '15
The occasional light rain made the rocks/roots a little trickier than they probably normally are, but the trail was still basically dry.  Looks like there is some erosion due to horses collapsing the edge of the trail in some of the narrow side-...
Submitted by OriginalCim on 09/18/2015
09 | 16 | '15
Decided to see what all the hype was about on the new Predator DH trail.  Seemed like a great day - midweek, been dry for a couple days, clear weather - and just before it gets mugged by the Enduro this upcoming Saturday. Warmed up from Summit...
Submitted by r1de on 09/16/2015
09 | 11 | '15
First off, I want to extend a huge thanks and gratitude for everyone who has worked on the trails above 300th. It was as if they had been leaf-raked clear of all the debris that adorned the trails post-windstorm, which was confirmed by the friendly n...
Submitted by donnymotta on 09/13/2015
09 | 13 | '15
The trails were in great shape today. I rode last Monday just after the rains and everything was super slick with all of the roots, but today it had dried out and was perfect. Add to it, there were only about 6 other bikers in the area made for a gre...
Submitted by falco18 on 09/13/2015
A late summer storm put a few inches of snow on the the ridge so fire danger was low.  Went up 4th of July and down the ridge to town.  2" of snow on the top 1000' of the ridge, but everything was rideable.  The climb is a grunt, but...
Submitted by trees4me on 09/09/2015
09 | 04 | '15
A portion of the trail system was burned in the Chelan Complex of fires this August. However, most trails are now open again with the exception of: Waterbar Heaven, Outback, Ridgeview, and Windsinger. Basically, the east side of the trail system was...
Submitted by on 09/08/2015
09 | 07 | '15
Basically perfect conditions.  No dust.  Ground slightly wet - great traction.  One downed tree on trail to lake.  Very windy and freezing at top, but no snow yet.  Views of course are to die for.  From parking - to top...
Submitted by rsmallfoot on 09/08/2015
09 | 05 | '15
I went on the Temple loop trail and the main trail from the parking area. Mostly dry with some puddles. There are a lot of small branches down from the wind.  If you haven't ridden here before there is a section of the Main trail going to t...
Submitted by hlwilliams on 09/05/2015
09 | 02 | '15
Rode last evening after work (5-630) ... parking lot around 1/4 full for how clear it ended up being later in the day which was a surprise after the rains. Couple things; everything I rode was in great shape, super sticky and the birms down 2Hi ju...
Submitted by swartzie on 09/03/2015
08 | 30 | '15
This was my very first time at Japanese Gulch. I will definitely go back and ride it again. I can only say, I just wasn't thinking this morning.  Big wind storm yesterday, a trail that meanders through the woods.......guess what?  Lots of...
Submitted by jacknolan on 08/30/2015
08 | 26 | '15
Time of Ride:  3:45-5:00 Track Ridden:  Bootcamp, Deuces Wild, Step It Up, Voodoo Child, Movin On, Braveheart, Ryans Line, HLC Happy Ending, Bike Used:  Full Suspension Soil:  Loose   Comments:  Be carefu...
Submitted by Junersun on 08/26/2015
08 | 26 | '15
There is no doubt that Duthie is suffering through this summer, but that's no reason to stay away!  It's actually pretty good, if you can apply a gentle touch. Ryan's is probably best left un-ridden, but Voodoo and HLC are still delivering. ...
Submitted by r1de on 08/26/2015