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Ride Reports

11 | 07 | '15
After doing the Butte in the morning, I went over to Echo Ridge to take advantage of the day before the rain. I parked at the Upper TH and did Nowhere to Hide and Big Critter and started the Outback counterclockwise. Near the end of the outback loop,...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/07/2015
11 | 07 | '15
Parked at the bottom of the downhill and then rode to the Butte road and then up to the towers. The fire damage is everywhere but the road up is in great shape. Visibility was less than 100 ft at times above 2500 so picture taking was disappointing....
Submitted by tomvale on 11/07/2015
11 | 06 | '15
I LOVE the winding trails at Tolt. There are miles of nice cross country trails with roots, logs and tight turns. We spent several hours at Tolt today and didn't find any standing water or mud despite the recent rain. The drainage is awesome.&nb...
Submitted by BeckyBr on 11/06/2015
11 | 01 | '15
Large tree across trail. Could be a rude suprise if you are taking the optional jump as you won't see it until you are off the ramp in the air. Easy to stop in time if you go the easier way.
Submitted by dougmccr on 11/02/2015
10 | 25 | '15
Not a drop of mud despite the recent rains (though that's probably changing as I write this on Monday morning). Some trails are covered in solid layer of maple leaves but I haven't noticed any major traction challenges. Fun area with plenty of variet...
Submitted by MtnPavlas on 10/26/2015
Took advantage of the beautiful fall weather last Saturday and found mostly good trail conditions. Here are a couple highlights: In the sub-alpine zone, the shrub (some kind of a mountain willow?) has gotten pretty thick and seriously encrouching on...
Submitted by MtnPavlas on 10/26/2015
What a great ride. Shuttle up to the upper trailhead, climb 3 miles to the top and descend 8 miles and 5200 ft. Conditions were great. Very little damage from the motorcycles. Trail was covered in Maple leaves at the bottom where things got a little...
Submitted by Petkatmat on 10/26/2015
10 | 25 | '15
Trails are amazing right now - totally dry (though that's probably changing as I write this!) - sticky hard pack with tons of traction under a carpet of golden orange leaves. The leaves make the trail hard to spot at times, and beg for a little bit o...
Submitted by r1de on 10/25/2015
Our group decided to shuttle this ride and save the long uphill treck. Trail was dry and in good shape and we only encountered  two logs over the trail. I found the ride to be clean and smooth. The river crossings are super easy as very lit...
Submitted by sastastic on 10/23/2015
10 | 22 | '15
I had a little bit of time in the middle of the day today to make the quick trip east over the pass.  It was a beautiful day, and Rat Pac is an early fall classic, so I went for it. I decided to try the newly signed ascent path (see the map on...
Submitted by r1de on 10/22/2015
10 | 09 | '15
This is the nicest singletrack I've every ridden.  This trail has everything I look for. Forest Remoteness 100% Singletrack Some technical stuff We got on the 10:30 ferry from Anacortes to Orcas.  My wife played shuttle driver. &nb...
Submitted by andekast on 10/18/2015
10 | 16 | '15
Trail is in good condition with some ruts from the recent rain at the beginning. One Tree across the trail about 1/2 way down.
Submitted by bubba4456 on 10/17/2015
09 | 26 | '15
Finally checked this one off the list!  Great route, great views.   Fun times, but I think if I ride it again, I'll do an out and back via the Iron Bear trail; CW loop has sooo much hike-a-bike. Anyway, trail was in great shape overall. &...
Submitted by ethan on 10/15/2015
09 | 26 | '15
Was a pretty day for the Snoqualmie Pass area and afterward, I added a trip through and back through the tunnel. Here is the GPS track and pictures at points of interest For you Snoqualmie skiers, this is a good ride to explore off season.  
Submitted by tomvale on 10/12/2015
10 | 11 | '15
Encountered wet snow above 6,000 feet, making the trail wet and slushy in the afternoon.  Be ready for wet feet.  The larches were golden and glorious.  It's a beautiful trail and well worth the long climb up.  The trail is popula...
Submitted by mdfrancisco on 10/12/2015
10 | 11 | '15
Strava Link: Hansen Ridge Strava RideConditions: Beautiful fall day around 45 degrees to start, sun and clouds all day.  The trails were in perfect shape, only one mildly muddy spot. Streams weren't really running because it's been so dry. ...
Submitted by scotchyt on 10/11/2015
10 | 11 | '15
Suggest going someone who has been before. If you go to the right, (through the gate) that is the bow clubs land and they will stop you and ask for your permits (guess how I know...) If you go through the left gate there isnt really anywhere to go....
Submitted by TPJS on 10/11/2015
10 | 10 | '15
Here are the directions to the trailhead that are a bit more detailed.  Google Maps directions From Winthrop, WA Head northwest on Riverside Ave 0.2 mi Continue onto Bluff St 0.5 mi...
Submitted by lisdel on 10/10/2015
10 | 04 | '15
Rode this with a buddy of mine who's been dragging me to ride on the peninsula for a while. Whoa, just learned what I've been missing out on! This trail is pure wilderness and yet you'll get close to a couple parking lots/trail heads about mid-way sh...
Submitted by MtnPavlas on 10/06/2015
08 | 16 | '15
Only a little dry in some places. Importantly, the ridiculously steep temporary reroute is now gone and the new reroute looks and rides awesome! All the big blowdowns in trecherous sections are gone as well. The trail looks really good! 
Submitted by josefski on 10/03/2015