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Kachess Ridge


Tough Forest Road climb to the top, a bit of hike a bike and then spectacular single track for an hour or more - all downhill to the cars. Breathtaking scenery of the northern Cascades, including Lake Kachess, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Stuart, and more. The singletrack portion of the trail generally follows Silver Creek on a winding descent through shadowy glades, open meadows, sections of head-high wildflowers, and exposed ledges. This is a wilderness ride not for the faint of heart - several hours of endurance required, and richly rewarded.

It can also be done as out and back, which takes approximately the same amount of time as taking the road up, though it requires about a 1.5-mile hike-a-bike at the beginning + here and there above that. It is, some believe, a lot more fun this way, though.

Note there may be large patches of snow on the trail well into May or June.

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