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Lower West Fork Teanaway


Most rides in this post start from the Teanaway Campground and are only a sample of the trail systems are available. There are also several miles of logging road in various states of use for the non-singletrack users. The valley trails are the most beginner friendly and can be accessed by heading West (left) out of the campground and then going around the gate at the end of the pavement and looking for the trail in the field.

Camping is free and the DNR has installed porta-potties which are serviced on a regular basis. There is no fresh water available at the campground.  There are no designated campsites, it's first-come, first-served and you pretty much claim your space.  The campground is situated along the Teanaway River and there a serveral good swimming holes for a refreshing post-ride swim.  The Teanaway Outpost, small general store, is located just a couple miles from the campground making it a great place to resupply.

This land was purchased by the State of Washington in October 2013 and is now known as the Teanaway Community Forest. More info here.

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