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Found Love on this Ride

05 | Sep | '21

Went up to the summit on this ride with my e-bike buddy and kept up as best I could. The vertical really drained his battery so he needed to turn around at the third viewpoint. I continued on to the summit and came back down. The trail is in great shape and the weather was cool and dry. I was in the mood for exploring, and detoured down the Change Creek trail to the Iron Horse trail. I won't do this again. It is a neat trail but too tech, narrow, and gnarly for the bike. The switchbacks are endless and very tight for about a mile and a half before the Iron Horse. If you still try it, turn on to the Pond Trail or you will have to bushwhack for a mile going around the pond. I found "Adam and Eve" just before the descent near Hall Point. It was a good exploring trek today but stick to the Olallie and the new trails to be put in for Phase Two.FullRideSept2021

 GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 09/06/2021