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Got my tech fix in for the week

It was a comfortable cool morning when I left the shuttle area at 7 AM to climb to the summit and come down the Out of the Blue trail. It was in good shape and had good traction most of the way down. Then I went back up and did Lower Showcase Showdown to get my vertical in for the day. It was a great technical success today. Budget 3 hrs plus for an Out of the Blue loop, and one hour for a Lower Skyline or Lower Showcase Showdown loop from the Lower Shuttle area (if done without shuttling). GPS track and pics are here. Come do Darrington! I could not believe how bare the highest peaks are in this later part of September (Whitehorse Mtn pictured above). Rivertime Brewery sells good pizza and sandwiches when you are done with your ride!

Submitted by tomvale on 09/25/2021