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Timing the rains

29 | Sep | '21

I sat worried about the muddy single track we have now and figured a long double track ride could be done until the trails dry out. I've been watching the fronts go by, dumping hail, and rain, along Highway 2 for the last couple of days and I tried to time the next "wave", like a surfer would, to catch the next 'dry spell'. I got to the parking spot next to the west ridge access road and began climbing at 6:30am under lights. A couple logging trucks were already coming down which surprised me but there was room to easily let them by. I reached the radio tower about two hours later and continued to cross the ridge line to the East. There is a significant amount of timber work that has been done up along the ridge and I wish the blue sky was out so I could see the big peaks and Pilchuck. At least there was no rain except for a little for the last mile. The descent down to Sultan Basin Road (at Olney Pass) was great and then the descent from Olney Pass on the upper third of the Sultan Basin Road return was also excellent. This is a great workout ride. Somebody also left their coyote unleashed. ;-) GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 09/29/2021