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10 | Oct | '21

Pouring rain at 8:00 AM in the lower lot, and massive puddles with multiple riders poking their heads out before deciding to head home. Your author was undeterred though, as I had to test my new Endura MT pants. I rode Master and Quick Link to the top, converted my helmet to full face and took off down East Tiger. I passed on Close Encounters as it's loamy so just a mud pile given all the moisture. ETS to Preston to ET; and considered Super T but again super soft and slippery given conditions. Rode NW Timber back to the lot. Overall a super muddy, slippery mess with bathtubs everywhere, some big enough to lose small children in, though I didn't see any. New pants worked great, I was warm and (relatively) dry under my Endura pant/jacket combo. Bottom line, if you're riding PNW you're riding in the rain so gear up for it!

Submitted by Bryan on 10/10/2021