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Fall Providing Plenty

Plenty of wet leaves, wet rocks, wet roots and hero dirt if your tires can get through the leaves. I caught a break in the rains this morning and went up the lower shuttle road to go down Lower Showcase. Showcase is hard enough as it is, but add wet leaves over all the terrain challenges and it is a little tougher. This weekend's wind storm will complicate things even further. I bit it on one of the steeps after slipping on two roots but the trail is still fun. Be careful for a while! I went back up to do Lower Skyline and that trail always delivers a happy time for me. There are a lot of braking bump puddles now but the trail is still tracking well. Had a great pizza and drink at the Rivertime Brewery afterwards for lunch! It was a great morning. GPS track is here.

Submitted by tomvale on 10/23/2021