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Best Draining Trails West of the Passes

03 | Nov | '21

This morning's break in the rain gave me a good chance to get a weekday ride in and I haven't done the lower trails since the beginning of the year. This place has always been good after rainy days since it drains well and the canopy is so thick where it needs to be. Even after convergence zone downpours, the only thing to really worry about is the drippy canopy. Today, I did the Blue/Black side (east side of the road) and noticed the great repairs you guys have done on Backcut's uprooted, Rootball holes in the trail. There were no mud puddles and only minor pine needle beds were keeping trails from being perfectly hero. It was a great morning and I finished at Moe's Coffee with a breakfast sandwich. Enjoy these lower trails when the upper ones are too tech, or greasy for you!  ;-)  GPS track is here.

Submitted by tomvale on 11/03/2021