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Figure 8 Instead of a Lollipop

11 | Sep | '21

I had a need today to get rid of the weekdays' frustrations and what better way than to take it out on the pedals and ravage the roots with a lot of climbing and a lot of technical descents. So I went to Raging River to do the lollipop, with People's Elbow, and then made it into a figure 8 by also descending on Canyon Creek Downhill and returning on Raging Tiger. I finished by climbing back up to Stan’s Overlook and coming down Poppin Tops and Flow State to get back to the car.LollipopAndFigure8

It was a wonderful day after last night’s showers and the  rain made a hero finish on the trails.  The showers did complicate some of the rooty sections and I almost lost it twice. GPS track and Rainier pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 09/11/2021