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Ride Reports

08 | 14 | '14
Had a great time riding around the park after work today. Lots of twisty trails with roots. Lots of short punchy climbs. Several logs to clear. Some of the park is faster flowy type riding, some is a little slower and technical, which I love. No mud...
Submitted by ladmo on 8/15/14
08 | 09 | '14
BLUF: Fun all day trail on a nice day. 25.4 miles with 2,956 ft total elevation gain.  Parked at the south end of Trial #31 and rode towards the falls.  Trails dry, rolling with a few steep climbs and steep descent.  I allowed 5 hours...
Submitted by NavXman on 8/14/14
08 | 11 | '14
I'm new in town and started hitting this trail 3-4 times a week. For the last 3 weeks on almost every ride I keep finding new trails. I know the guys at Camas bike shop do a group ride at least once a week here and I could probably save a lot of time...
Submitted by Chris on 8/12/14
08 | 09 | '14
Trail in fine/typical summer Kachess Shape. loose, rocky and brush starting to creep into the gladed portions. Creek crossings are low. Air is clear of smoke.
Submitted by AndrewB on 8/11/14
The trail is in good shape, the creeks are mostly dry or running slowly. The trail is getting overgrown with tall grasses and blackberry bushes in a few places but nothing too bad. I road from the Mt. Si parking lot all the way up to the Middle Fork...
Submitted by gregld on 8/11/14
08 | 10 | '14
Dry, hot and dusty. Rode it up to the intersection at the basin and back down. Few rocky technical places but a steady grind up and an on the brakes but fun descent back down. Fire in Ingalls Creek area meant that it was somewhat smoky but the wind w...
Submitted by Bob Bournique on 8/11/14
Bob Bournique
08 | 09 | '14
I went for my first ride at Moss Lk. yesterday. Printed out the map and was glad to have it on the maze of intersecting roads and hard to find trails. Thanks to those who have worked out there and marked many of the trails. I rode throught the gate...
Submitted by jimd on 8/10/14
08 | 07 | '14
My friend and I rode the two main trail which were mainly flat and nothing exciting. There were other small trail that were more fun, but it is mostly flat there.
Submitted by katzemat on 8/9/14
08 | 08 | '14
Standard loop now with picking up PBR off the third switch back on Preston. Just like getting a powder day with this new option and cutting out the road climb on the crossover. Flow and tech similar to Fully Rigid and Joy Ride but with much better si...
Submitted by rock gnome on 8/9/14
rock gnome
This is one of my favorite trails.  The upper section of trail was in amazing shape, dry with good climbing traction and not too loose.  The trail below the Fawn Ridge roads are in pretty bad shape.  The logging a few years ago left th...
Submitted by trees4me on 8/8/14
I'd never ridden here before, it was a nice mix of fast wider trails with some gems of singletrack.  Definitely take the map, and keep a lookout for turns as some trails are overgrown a bit and others are wide/obvious.  This was a good plac...
Submitted by trees4me on 8/8/14
Did the loop CCW. Going up Northway there are signs of heavy horse usage.  Trail has been brushed - not sure if this was done this year or late last year but not so overgrown. They are blasting/jackhammering the top of Powder Bowl so have close...
Submitted by jackd49 on 8/8/14
08 | 02 | '14
G-Man and the crew had a very productive work party on Osborne Mountain trail, at the very end of the trail as it comes back into Big Creek CG after long and fast descent.  Working with Ranger Rick from the Forest Service, the crew cleared +/- 1...
Submitted by Bruiser on 8/8/14
Rode skookum yesterday and there was a larg tree down, I had to get off my bike and duck under it. Possibly push your bike up it and ride down it if your feelig gnarly!
Submitted by JibLurkerPNW on 8/8/14
Rode Spring Lake trails for the first time. Some observations: Park at the State fish boat launch - but you will need a permit to park there. A few spots to park at the trail head which is just opposite the launch, but wonder about security. Trai...
Submitted by ziggev on 8/8/14
08 | 04 | '14
Rode from the main TH almost all the way up to the Lava Caves. Trail is entirely rideable; the only section of hike-a-bike starts about 2.5 miles in and ends at about the 3 mile mark and it is only because of the steepness of the grade. There are min...
Submitted by josefski on 8/6/14
08 | 06 | '14
Dry and awesome! The trails are in good shape (they get really wet in the winter) but they are completely dry right now. As always at Banner, watch out for horses and walkers. Throw your iPod on and go have fun! Banner is perfect if you want a carefr...
Submitted by Tom_me11 on 8/6/14
08 | 05 | '14
This dry weather has resulted in a particularly fast and furious season for Tiger; no mud anywhere.  Soo good, just keep hitting the "replay" button on it.
Submitted by r1de on 8/6/14
07 | 27 | '14
We did the "Shuttle" option!  Did the usual route to the lake but mixed it up on the way back.  Here is a quick map of the route we took from the lake to exit 42. It is a very straight forward ride with no real chance to get lost. From the...
Submitted by Wormlord on 8/5/14
08 | 01 | '14
Starting to get a little loose in places; no moisture anywhere.
Submitted by r1de on 8/1/14