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Fun Ride

23 | Aug | '14

Found the trail posting information from MTBR forum and after reading the review we made plans to head over Sunday 8/24. I took my 5 year old with me and he loved it. Several creek crossings, nice climbs with some aggressive rock and rooted sections to make a challenging climb and keep you honest on the downhill. Several spots along the trail were pretty muddy. A few areas where hike/biking is necessary depending on skill level. Overall elevation was moderate with enough changes in the trail flow to keep the grunt factor down. I did find the trail fairly crowded and saw the occasional horse riders on the trail, most people were very pleasant. Perfect time now for hitting the trail. I would imagine during the week would be less crowed.  Overall great trail with enough challenging sections to consider intermediate. On a side note there is also a Cooper River trail & OWHI trail to add-on. Could easily make a nice bike/camping weekend. Will need a NW Pass! (Discover pass won't work).

Submitted by stu-bob on 08/25/2014