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Rocks, Sun and Views

31 | Aug | '14

Rode Hansen Ridge today. We rode the lower section on the way up and rode out the upper section on the way back. In the future I would ride the lower section up and then hit the Phase 2 areas and come back on the lower section. There are some fun rocks and rolling jumps that riders would be ready for by riding up the lower section. The upper section is a relatively flat trail. The road up is just that ... a gravel road. Then the trails cuts across the ridge and gets you to Phase 2. As the Evergreen Trail-by-Trail turn says ... if you take the upper trail you can continue to the lower trail section for a 4 mile loop back to the parking area. Along the trail the views are amazing. Take a break to have a look along the way. 

We did not make it back to the lake as we didn't have enough time. However, I will be back for a ride before Halloween. We saw bear scat and signs of other local fauna. This is nice to see so close to civilization. We are blessed to live in an area with so much to offer. 

Kudos and Props to Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for doing such an amazing job with these trails. They are fun, fast and flowy. Well done!

Views go on forever


Submitted by jefshu on 09/01/2014