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Swan Creek Park

Swan Creek

Key Info

1-2-3-4 of 5 (technical difficulty)
1 of 5 (physical difficulty)
X-Country, Freeride
NW Washington


3 miles total
60' elevation gain
100% single track
47.206399 lat.
-122.402224 long.
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Swan Creek Park is a 373 acre site located just a few miles southeast of downtown Tacoma. 276 acres are owned by Metro Parks Tacoma (MPT) and 97 acres are owned by Pierce County. Evergreen volunteers recently completed construction of ~6 miles of trail and skill building options in the ~50 acre “Douglas Fir Forest” zone of the park.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Trails

Hustle & Flow is a 1.75 mi cross country loop that circumnavigates the ~50 acre Douglas Fir Forest. Designed to be similar to Bootcamp at Duthie -- smooth and flowy with lots of rollers and banked turns, max sustained climbs and descents, optional features. Skill level: Green (entry) level and kid/family-friendly but fun to rip for all ages and skill levels. Some more difficult options.

Braking Bad, Light Rail, Murphy's Law, RCA, Recess and Feedback are stacked loop options of varying difficulty levels off of Hustle & Flow. Add these to extend the cross country loop and provide progression opportunities.

4 jump lines descend into the clearing on the north side of the forest: Jumpin Zac Flash is entry level,  Joyride progresses from entry-level (green level) to intermediate (blue). Frigid Air progresses from blue to black diamond level. TNT is an experts only level jump line -- all doubles (gap jumps) with steep lips.

2 new more advanced freeride trails, Ground Control and Major Tom also provide stacked loop options off of Hustle & Flow.

Extra Credit is a more advanced Freeride trail that peels off of Murphy's Law o the NE side of the forest.

There is also a skinny practice zone, drop zone and pump track on the north side of the park. **The Pump Track is under construction**

All Phase 1 andn Phase 2 trails are complete and designed to be ridden year round... rain or shine. They will be generally dry and rideable year round.

Exceptions... There are a few very short clay sections on Hustle & Flow that will get slimy after heavy rain or long freeze-thaw cycles. Braking Bad runs through the flat Hazel stand in the center of the park, so may get a little muddy in winter. The trails will get powdery and chundery after our long dry summers, but as soon as the Fall rains hit, volunteers will be back out there whipping them into shape for the next 9 wet months.

Frigid Air and TNT do not run all the way down into the clearing. We are looking for volunteer builders who can take on completion of these trails and build a few more jumps. any takers? Contact Mike Westra (mwestra at evergreenmtb dot org) or Silas Smith.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Trails are now open! New mountain bike specific trails constructed in cooperation with Evergreen. http://www.metroparkstacoma.org/swan-creek-park/

Maintenance work parties will be posted on our calendar. Sign up here on the Evergreen Calendar.

Frigid Air and TNT do not run all the way down into the clearing. We are looking for volunteer builders who can take on completion of these trails and build a few more jumps. Contact Mike Westra (mwestra at evergreenmtb dot org) or Silas Smith.

Swan Creek Park is under a relatively new Park Management Plan, so is in transition. There is still illegal activity happening in the park: garbage dumping, campfires, gate locks are cut, new entrances are being bulldozed, quads and motos are tearing through the woods at high speed. Metro Parks is blocking illegal entrances, repairing fences/gates/locks, installing signs, etc. The real long term solution is to bring in regular positive users like Mt Bikers into the park! In the short term, if you see any illegal activity, report it to the Tacoma Police Dept's Non-Emergency Number: (253)798-4721. In the event of an emergency, or if you're in doubt as to whether or not it's an emergency, call 911.

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Trailhead / South Side Entrance.

The primary trailhead is located off of E 56th St on the south side of the bike trail system. Address is 2045 E 56th St, Tacoma, WA 98404. Any online map will get you there. From I-5, head south on Portland Ave for ~2 miles. Take a left on E 56th St and head east for a couple blocks. Trailhead is on your left. *DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE IN YOUR CAR*.

Maintenance / North Side Entrance.

We'll use this entrance for large work parties where we meet volunteers at the gate and drive everyone into the clearing. Address is 4480 East T St, Tacoma, WA 98404 -- right next to Lister Elementary school. Any online map will get you there. From I-5, head south on Portland Ave for a little less than 2 miles. Take a left on E 44th St and head east for 1/3 of a mile. Take a right on East T St and we'll be waiting for you at the gate. There is also plenty of parking along T Street if you want to walk in from the north side of the bike trail system, but it's trickier to find the bike trails from there. *DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE IN YOUR CAR*.

All Phase 1 and 2 trails are open.

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04 | 16 | '17

I hadn't been there in a while but they had some great trail additions! Every trail I rode was very clean. I would highly recommend a treai called "feedback" it is short and fun! Best of all, you can do it over and over again.

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trails in great shape...

04 | 02 | '17

My first time; great, fun little set of trails...

Only a cupple of days after rains and all the trails are completely dry with just a few muddy spots on some.

Submitted by eddepi on 04/02/17

Pretty good

02 | 27 | '17

Trails are in good shape. Some wet spot but drainage was pretty decent. looks like jumps were recently touched up on major Tom and ground control and pump track is still settling but pretty packed. Chilly day...

Submitted by burnburn68 on 02/27/17

Super Tacky

08 | 06 | '16

Both Ground Control and Major Tom are running great. The jump after the road on Major Tom can use a little TLC its pretty rough trying to get the speed to clear it as currently constructed. Ground control flows awesome basically no brakes needed.

Submitted by kcisconw on 08/08/16

Good fun!

06 | 12 | '16

Great trail system! "Braking Bad" is very twisty (some sections reminded me slightly of Tapeworm) and more technical than the rest of the cross country trails. "Feedback" was a highlight, good flowy banked turns with nice packed dirt. Watchout for a few blackberry bushes that were creaping into t...

Submitted by krispope on 06/12/16

Hustle and Flow

01 | 06 | '16

I really enjoy the flow lines of this trail complete with banked corners.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to maintain much speed on this trail system as there is an over abundance of "whoops" (sp?) in the trail.  Most of these whoops are very steep, requiring you to slow down to tr...

Submitted by Tapeworm on 01/10/16

First Ride

01 | 07 | '16

Rode all the trails today for the first time today. Outstanding little MTB system. I just moved to Puyallup from Mount Vernon, so I was a little spoiled with Gabby, Little Mountain, the ACFL trails and BC so close. This place rocks. Hustle and flow is one of the best built trails I've been on; yo...

Submitted by JD on 01/08/16

First time rider

10 | 26 | '14

I'm a novice mountain bike trail rider and i have to say I had an absolute blast sticking only with Hustle and Flow, the novice trail.  The trails are very well marked for difficulty levels, and for the novice rider Hustle and Flow has several challenging and fun obstacles including shorter...

Submitted by sgtrobo on 10/28/14