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Ride Reports

11 | 18 | '14
Our group ride did East Tiger Summit, Off The Grid, Fully Rigid, Joyride and NW Timber by lights evening of the 18th.  Although conditions in a lot of places were outstanding, the recent and still-active thawing of the ground has produced a numb...
Submitted by r1de on 11/20/14
11 | 17 | '14
Rode Elevator, Funner, Elevator, YGD, Sick and Twisted, No Road, Black Label.  Still just as good - actually even better - than last week.  Thanks to the locals for continuing to do maintenance out here; no blowdown anywhere.
Submitted by r1de on 11/18/14
The Port Gamble trails are a fantastic network of intermediate trails.  While there's no huge payoff at the top, like Tiger Mountain, there are trails in very good condition that cover a lot of area.  You will spend some time on logging tra...
Submitted by davebren on 11/18/14
11 | 16 | '14
I rode BFH for the first time on a sunny, chilly Sunday afternoon after 5+ days without rain. Trails were nice and dry. As a beginner/intermediate rider, I found these trails a lot of fun. Not too many large roots or obstacles, so I was able to get...
Submitted by Nick on 11/17/14
11 | 12 | '14
Hit this again after a couple of days of cold/dry weather.  As r1de says, it's in great shape.  We hit Iverson, NW Timber and Joyride before turning around to get back to the cars before total darkness. I think the tree down on Iverson th...
Submitted by hardtail on 11/13/14
11 | 12 | '14
I had not been back to Tiger since the Enduro in September, and was a little bit concerned about how the conditions would be, given the recent rain and wind.  But the word through the grapevine was that it was pretty dry, so with a cool, breezy...
Submitted by r1de on 11/12/14
11 | 10 | '14
Got a quick post-work ride in at Cherry Valley today, hitting: Elevator, Cyclops, YGD, Sick & Twisted, No Road and Black Label.  All the trails were in amazing shape - no mud or puddles anywhere except a few teeny puddles on No Road and the...
Submitted by r1de on 11/11/14
Rode to the south end of the park from the North lot going around the Eastern ponds and numerous fallen leaves. There was a lot of blown down trunks of weak alder that were easy to clear. Some hilly climbs were tougher with the wet leaves and exposed...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/6/14
11 | 04 | '14
From a water standpoint, there is an increasing amount of flow in the streams up here.  That's fine for the ones that are routed through drain pipes or culverts, but for the assorted others that are randomly spilling down the mountainside, they...
Submitted by hardtail on 11/5/14
11 | 02 | '14
[Posted to Tokyl East and West for visibility]   Parked at Tokul West and rode SVT to the East.  Played on some East side trails for a little while before heading back via. West.  For the most part, the trails were in incredible cond...
Submitted by rshelmerdine on 11/4/14
11 | 01 | '14
Flowtron was running great. Thanks for the work JVP and team! HEADS-UP -- There is a tree down near the bottom of OGDH... right after the log drop. Had to hit the brakes and duck... just knicked my camelbak going under it.
Submitted by mwestra on 11/4/14
Did the "Standard" route and the extension trail. Most of the stream crossings took some rock hopping to stay dry.  New signage at the trail turn off of Bessemer Rd. makes this turn easier to find. When we got to the campground we rode out to th...
Submitted by jackd49 on 11/3/14
11 | 02 | '14
Went for late morning ride on Sunday Nov 2, last rain was Friday mid-day. For the most part, the higher you get, the better/drier the trail is. Preston from Bail Out up was best, much of it totally dry. Bail Out was tough, narrow trail and wet ro...
Submitted by hardtail on 11/3/14
10 | 29 | '14
I decided to see how the trails were after the heavy rains this week, since I've never been out past the normal Oct 15 closing.  I rode from the parking lot: NW Timber- Joyride-Silent Swamp- Preston RR, so pretty much all up hill.  With the...
Submitted by hardtail on 10/30/14
10 | 27 | '14
I'm a novice mountain bike trail rider and i have to say I had an absolute blast sticking only with Hustle and Flow, the novice trail.  The trails are very well marked for difficulty levels, and for the novice rider Hustle and Flow has several c...
Submitted by sgtrobo on 10/29/14
10 | 12 | '14
Have made many rides at the Gulch over the last month. Trails are wet and slick but still fun. Here is a map for the general user looking for a lay of the land.
Submitted by tomvale on 10/28/14
10 | 26 | '14
Be alert for changes and fresh work with soft dirt on the steep part of Upper Ivan.  The s-turns were rebuilt today.  Trail work will be going on in this zone all winter.
Submitted by JustinVP on 10/27/14
10 | 12 | '14
All in all, 360 has got some fun stuff for all ability levels. It's an especially attractive option if you live on the Kitsap Peninsula. The fire road loop and the non-bike-specific singletrack are OK, but the real jewel is the bikes-only trail in th...
Submitted by DrPete on 10/26/14
10 | 20 | '14
This is just an update on trails that no longer exsist because of the clear cutting at Told McDonald.  This is not a comprehensive list but reflects what I found when trying to ride my favorite loop. Most of the center section of trails between...
Submitted by mkruse on 10/25/14
10 | 24 | '14
Did our first night ride of the season. Trails are super tacky right now and the new trails are riding great.
Submitted by on 10/25/14