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08 | 17 | '14
Passing on the information that the trails in the center section are interuppted by logging. The Burn apruptly stops in a newly logged area. Sad day...
Submitted by eggroller on 09/11/2014
09 | 10 | '14
Recent rains packed down the loose areas, but no mud anywhere.  A scattering of the first fall leaves (alder, early big leaf) make for fleeting thoughts of jack-o-lanterns and turkey supper in the not too distant future.  Only saw 5 bikes a...
Submitted by r1de on 09/10/2014
09 | 09 | '14
Did the clock-wise route (ie. along Kachess lake up the gravel road and south down the ridge). It was peek-a-boo sun between the ground level clouds at the top. The huckleberries are past prime for sure. It must have rained pretty well up here the ni...
Submitted by briandonner on 09/10/2014
09 | 09 | '14
Took Tiger Summit trail to Off the Grid. Summit was in pretty good shape as were the first rollovers and step ups on Off the Grid. Second third of the trail was pretty mangled; slick rocks/roots/ brake divets/ and so forth making for some cantankerou...
Submitted by neat_green on 09/09/2014
09 | 07 | '14
Rode Victoria for the first time with a couple of friends.  The trails seem to be in good shape although there was some mud in places.  The nettles were also out.  Even on the sunny warm day that I was there in the woods was reasonable...
Submitted by SlimL on 09/08/2014
09 | 06 | '14
Dawn Patrol at Tiger this AM, found OTG packing in and drying out nice. FR and JR both in good shape, and recent brushing on NW Timber. 
Submitted by r1de on 09/06/2014
We had the usual great day at Devil's Gulch. We climbed the fire road up and decided to drop in at the Devil's Gulch trail rather than head up the extra couple of miles to Mission Ridge trail. There was a bunch of contruction near the trailhead, but...
Submitted by Santa_Cruz_Chris on 09/05/2014
09 | 05 | '14
Just stumbled across swan creek park last night on the evergreen MBA site. Rode it today, Friday. Spectacular, stupendous, amazing. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I moved from the north end of Seattle some 5 years ago and have all but given up r...
Submitted by possums rider on 09/05/2014
09 | 04 | '14
A lot of signs of recent extraordinary rains - but fortunately not on the trails themselves!  Aside from a few puddles in the parking lot/access trail, and a few very minor soft spots in places, the you'd never otherwise know it had rained here....
Submitted by r1de on 09/04/2014
09 | 02 | '14
This is a really top notch route, don't miss it! I hit the ridge near the summit just as a rain squall came over.  Swirling clouds mist and rain blasting upwards from both sides of the knife edge ridge as I rolled along in a completely whited o...
Submitted by lukey on 09/02/2014
08 | 30 | '14
TRail was in great shape except for ~25 blow downs, some rideable. We went up the peak from teh east side, then down Basalt Pass which wsa brushed out. Note there were only blowdowns on the initial climb the rest of this ride was fine. We parked at...
Submitted by preston on 09/02/2014
08 | 29 | '14
Had not been there in a while and it was better than I remembered. With a nice new bridge through the mud slog as well. Trails run mainly up and down gullies and ridge lines facing east/west and the area has only a few viable up ways without pus...
Submitted by Bob Bournique on 09/02/2014
08 | 31 | '14
Hope to have some signage out there soon to correlate with the map. There are several other trails out there with no name at this point but getting the noted ones signed should happen soon. More brushing will happen this week as well. Getting more an...
Submitted by Bob Bournique on 09/02/2014
08 | 31 | '14
Rode up Orange Arrow which needs a little love on the old road section. Loop is brushy but not too bad and the county will be running a brush hog through there soon. Other trails were in pretty good condition and all very ridable. Concering the previ...
Submitted by Bob Bournique on 09/02/2014
09 | 01 | '14
Rode Hansen Ridge today. We rode the lower section on the way up and rode out the upper section on the way back. In the future I would ride the lower section up and then hit the Phase 2 areas and come back on the lower section. There are some fun roc...
Submitted by jefshu on 09/01/2014
08 | 31 | '14
This area is alright if looking for service road riding and trails pretty heavily impacted by horse traffic. The tread, though ridable, was pretty loose on most hills and the brush got a bit claustrophobic is some areas. Oh, and there was a lot...
Submitted by steve on 09/01/2014
09 | 01 | '14
This trail is such a gem: big physical climb, epic views, and a mixed descent that at times is high tech, fast and flowy, or just meanders through the meadows. Saw only two other riders, and they were just finishing up as we were getting started. An...
Submitted by r1de on 09/01/2014
09 | 01 | '14
Reminds me of what riding was like when I first started in the 80's. Went up Escalator (challenging rooty turns and some rocks), down Funner (a couple places where it helps a lot to carry speed into the techy part), left up road and back to Cyclops (...
Submitted by ladmo on 09/01/2014
08 | 30 | '14
Trail is in great condition, what a phenomenal ride.
Submitted by lukey on 08/30/2014
08 | 30 | '14
It was a great ride today.  Rode the part of Crop Circles that is clear, on down into TapeWorm, up Parasite, and Silkworm two times.  Trails are in pretty good shape but they're still in a little need of some brush back.  The new featu...
Submitted by SlimL on 08/30/2014