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AKA Towers Of Power

29 | Aug | '14

It was a great ride today.  Rode the part of Crop Circles that is clear, on down into TapeWorm, up Parasite, and Silkworm two times.  Trails are in pretty good shape but they're still in a little need of some brush back.  The new features the boys have been putting in are great and well worth the ride.  I will say that even though they say the elevation gain is only 100 feet, you ride up and down that 100' a bunch of times; 4 times just in Parasite.  Great effort has successfully been spent turning SilkWorm into a flowing pleasure.  Parasite and TapeWorm how ever are tight and twisty as always.  What a great ride and only 12 minutes from my house.

Submitted by SlimL on 08/30/2014