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Old school riding!

31 | Aug | '14

Reminds me of what riding was like when I first started in the 80's. Went up Escalator (challenging rooty turns and some rocks), down Funner (a couple places where it helps a lot to carry speed into the techy part), left up road and back to Cyclops (super fun has it all trail), across Bobcat Alley (gnarly descent to the creek, gnarly climb up from the creek, lots of small/medium logs to jump), up double track then down YGD (if I remember right, this one has a big stump jump near the top and some fun downhill switchback turns), on to Sick and Twisted (more of what came before), then I went on some of Black Label which is more stuff to clear, turns to make, roots and drops to navigate, etc. Really a good time today. Lots of up and down - I think I climbed 1,600 ft or so in all. Recommend taking a map and be ready for a little trail finding. Mostly all well brushed. Recent rain has left the trails in near perfect riding condition.

Submitted by ladmo on 09/01/2014