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Mount Muller


This 13-mile singletrack loop trail has it all: brutal climbs (about 3,100 vert. ft); airy ridge riding with expansive views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Vancouver Island, the Olympic Mountain Range and Lake Crescent; followed by a wild 6-mile, twisty downhill section.

Mt. Muller is one of the premier mountain bike rides in the state. It is one of the very few non-motorized singletrack trails open to mountain bikes on the Olympic Peninsula (the entire Olympic National Park is currently off limits to mountain bikers). The Mt. Muller trail is part of the Pacific Ranger District of the Olympic National Forest. The Pacific Ranger District has incredible potential for mountain biking and other recreational uses.

We are working with other non-motorized users, such as the Backcountry Horsemen, to maintain and protect the Mt. Muller trail. Please help us by (1) contacting the Pacific Ranger District (Pacific Ranger District-North, 437 Tillicum Lane, Forks, WA 98331) and/or your elected representatives, to let them know how important this trail is to mountain bikers and (2) interacting with other trail users in a positive, friendly way. Thanks!

Mt. Muller Area Wish List

  • Construct trail from Mt. Muller Loop Trail (near Cahill Overlook) to Pyramid Peak Trail (#886), which follows the route of former FS Rd. #3068, in the Pacific Ranger District of the Olympic National Forest, to near the summit of Pyramid Mountain.
  • Obtain permission for mountain bikes to ride the 3.5-mile Pyramid Mountain Trail, located within the Olympic National Park boundaries, which climbs from the Camp David Jr. Rd., crossing the Olympic Discovery Trail, to the summit (with impressive views/small cabin). If allowed, this would be the only singletrack mountain bike trail available in the entire 923,000-acre Olympic National Park. This would allow riders a variety of route options, including, for example, riding a big loop from the Mt. Muller trailhead, up and over both the Muller and Pyramid summits, dropping a breathtaking 2400-ft. on singletrack down to Lake Crescent, then riding back to the Mt. Muller trailhead on the Olympic Discovery Trail. The ODT--including a recently paved 6-mile section--is already largely in place along this stretch.
  • Convert closed section of FS Rd. #3040 to trail (from near intersection with FS Rd. #3067--which connects with West Twin Rd.--to near intersection with former FS Rd. #3068, close to Pyramid Peak Trail #886 trailhead).
  • Develop small parking/turn-around area near intersection of closed section of FS Rd. #3040 and FS Rd. #3067 to facilitate access to proposed trail to be located on closed section of FS Rd. #3040.
  • Complete construction of the Divide Trail on Mt. Muller Loop Trail. This trail bisects the loop trail, going from near the trailhead to the meadows near the Mt. Muller summit, at about MP 5.
  • Clear, improve and maintain the Kloshe Nanitch Trail (#882.2), especially the section between Jim's Junction (on Mt. Muller Loop Trail) and Kloshe Nanitch lookout.
  • Repair and reopen Kloshe Nanitch Lookout. Consider possibility of remodeling lookout to allow overnight accommodations, which could generate revenue to help offset costs.
  • Develop small parking/turn-around area near end of FS Rd. #3040 595 to facilitate access to upper portion of Kloshe Nanitch Trail #882.2 and surrounding area.
  • Improve and maintain hiker/biker primitive campsites at Mt. Muller trailhead. There is room for 2+ tent pads, picnic tables, fire pits, etc. near the vault toilet at the trailhead.
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