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Basalt Peak

29 | Aug | '14

TRail was in great shape except for ~25 blow downs, some rideable. We went up the peak from teh east side, then down Basalt Pass which wsa brushed out. Note there were only blowdowns on the initial climb the rest of this ride was fine.

We parked at the bottom of the turnoff to Chikamin ridge, and road 3 miles of road north before heading up Basalt. After going to the peak we then came down Basalt pass, and rode 3 more miles of road up to Chikamin ridge. This trail is super fun (albeit moto) to the intersection with the Chiwawa trail. If you are tired at this point take the Chiwawa down, as Chikamin ridge is relentless up and down (mostly up) until it finallly hits some fast and interesting downhill.

Forest fire at the top of Basalt adds to the quality of experience up there, though too foggy to see anything today. This is a pretty rideable trip all in all, I would recommend it for intermediate epic riders as well as advanced. We had a couple of 1*11 riders with us and they only had to walk a few sections. Basalt pass has some gnarl but nothing you can't walk if necessary.

Submitted by preston on 09/02/2014