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Ride Reports

01 | 03 | '15
Was a nice ride but the roots and climbs were pretty slick. A catalog of my GPS tracks are at  http://myplace.frontier.com/~valenti.seattle/GPS%20Files/
Submitted by tomvale on 1/8/15
01 | 02 | '15
Went for a late night spin NYE and found great conditions everywhere, in part due to the cool (below freezing) temps.  Even when it warms up though, there is very little mud to thaw out in any place.  The Happy Ending of HLC is currently cl...
Submitted by r1de on 1/3/15
01 | 01 | '15
We had a 25 person group ride starting at 10:00 am. The temperature was at 32 degrees. The trails were frozen, dry and smooth. All had a great time and had positive comments on the trail conditions.
Submitted by dnadeau20 on 1/2/15
12 | 19 | '14
Fun and accessable for all skill levels, 360 Park provides a nice compliment to Banner and Port Gamble Trails on the Kitsap Peninsula. Since the park it built on a hill and the soil has a sandy consistency, the trails stay dry even in the winter mont...
Submitted by Scott-XT on 12/31/14
12 | 28 | '14
I rode it on 12/26 and it was in really good shape.  But I was out doing trail work today (12/28) and it absolutely POURED late int he day and the trails were completely overshelmed with water.  If you give it a couple of days things will dry out aga...
Submitted by woodway on 12/29/14
While the trails at St. Eds usually drain fairly well, at the moment they are very water-logged, you're going to get really muddy if you decide to go for it.  The new pipeline replacement trail is the one exception, and it's almost worth it to g...
Submitted by Tarekith on 12/29/14
12 | 22 | '14
Crazy Ivan has been rebuilt from and is open for business from beginning to end and is even better than before.  You can ride singletrack all the way from the powerlines down to the SVT.  Still a few feet of duff that we're digging to gold,...
Submitted by JustinVP on 12/24/14
12 | 21 | '14
Had a nice short ride on NW Timber and Joyride.  Conditions are great, some recent blow down has been cleared and there were only a couple small sections with mud/standing water.  Much of the trail was pretty much dry, but some areas have w...
Submitted by hardtail on 12/22/14
12 | 14 | '14
Did a short loop after the last freeze, thaw, rain cycle. The trails are riding excellently, dry and fast, almost summer like conditions except it was in the low 40s. Giving the trails a break after freeze thaw cycles for a couple days really goes a...
Submitted by rock gnome on 12/16/14
rock gnome
Was looking for a first day out on "real" trails with my 9-year old. This park turned out to be perfect for what we were looking for, my daughter especially enjoyed her first singletrack on Ravine Run, Salal Trail and the section of Spine Line b...
Submitted by forrmurp on 12/16/14
12 | 07 | '14
Hey, I know this is an old post (rode this a week ago) but given I haven't seen any RR's from the Black Diamond area lately, I thought I'd let others, who may not be in the know (like I was only a week ago), in on one of the best kept secrets for win...
Submitted by MtnPavlas on 12/15/14
12 | 07 | '14
Did an early morning ride before the Pineapple Express. The trails were damp in spots but solid. Cleared a couple fallen snags on YGD. Cyclops and Funner were neat. After the mtb trails I rode the road out to the Cherry Falls and then back along the...
Submitted by tomvale on 12/9/14
12 | 06 | '14
Some standing water in spots and a bit soggy today, but Green mountain seems to drain really well.  I'm surprised this ride isn't listed as a good winter ride. Its one of the few places that you can get decent descent during winter/spring when e...
Submitted by briachas on 12/7/14
12 | 01 | '14
Elevator, Cyclops, YGD, Sick & Twisted, No Road and Black Label - all clear, all in great semi-frozen shape.  Will degrade a bit when it warms up, but these really are great winter options.  No pooling or puddles.
Submitted by r1de on 12/2/14
Below freezing temps made for nearly perfect trail/traction conditions.  The mud was frozen just enought to move like silly putty.  At least one downed fir tree just before the descent to The Hood but easy walk over. Snow caused alot of th...
Submitted by RobC on 12/2/14
11 | 30 | '14
Didn't actually ride it, but walked the dog to scope it out. Looked halfway decent at first, but ultimately my concern was confirmed after a longer circuit. Some sections of the trails are in fair shape, but a lot of what was "fair" was only so becau...
Submitted by r1de on 12/1/14
I took the road up and it was fine--the creek crossings got progressively smaller and more solid frozen on the road up and it was pretty pleasant, actually. I took it fairly easy to not build up too much sweat and to be able to keep moving. The trail...
Submitted by DRSpalding on 11/30/14
11 | 29 | '14
It rained 1.5 inches yesterday here in South Snohomish County.  Despite all that rain, Paradise Valley was in pretty darn good shape today.  The only parts that are consistently muddy and holding water are parts of the mainline trail, prett...
Submitted by woodway on 11/29/14
11 | 22 | '14
Took my new bike on a first ride summiting Tiger West by the main road and then rode back down the road and up to Tiger East to do the summit trails, OTG, Joyride,NW Timber and Connector. There was a little snowfall at the top but not enough to cause...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/29/14
11 | 23 | '14
Checked out Soaring Eagle today. Lots of water on the trails, and by lots I mean far more than anywhere else I've been. I was soaked and covered in dirt within 15 minutes of the start. Given all the other choices for wet season riding, doubt I'll be...
Submitted by ladmo on 11/23/14