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Taylor Mountain

Keep an eye out for equestrians as you ride on these trails. When coming up on a horse dismount on the downhill slope of the trail. If the horse is spooked it will run up the hill.Talking to the rider is a good idea plus your voice will let the horse know you are a human.


Taylor Mountain is close to Tiger and many of the trails are open year round. There is an unfounded reputation that the area is mostly muddy and less than desirable trails. What you will find instead are fun narrow trails that are open to mountain bikes. The lollipop loop described is 12 miles and 1600' of elevation gain. 

There is a black bear that is seen quite often around the trails, so a bear bell is recommended so you don't startle him. He is generally in the Hold Knob/Whiskey Still area.

WTA has been working there for the past 4 or 5 winters, usually 20-30 days.

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