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10 | 24 | '14
There are a number of recently constructed trails that are now open for Mountain Biking. Thanks to the Central Chapter of Evergreen, local volunteers, and the Chelan Ranger District for these new trails with more construction planned this fall and ne...
Submitted by on 10/24/14
Rode the network again today.  Did the area just below the power station which I believe would qualify as Crop Circles.  Down TapeWorm, out and up Parasite and down SilkWorm twice.  To get to Parasite from TapeWorm, as you come out of...
Submitted by SlimL on 10/22/14
10 | 21 | '14
Did a few loops on east and mostly west side of SST.  Although a week of rain and wind would put most trails in peril, the conditions were good today.  Freeride is too much for me but looks like fun for those who spend time in the air. &nbs...
Submitted by chefseth on 10/21/14
10 | 18 | '14
Great ride yesterday on the Buck Mtn loop starting at Buck lake. It should be noted that there are two downed trees across the trail on the first descent section, following the large climb. Other than that, the trail is great. Watch out for grazing c...
Submitted by kurt1080 on 10/20/14
It was very cloudy today with fairly dense fog in parts at ground level, so no views until the later parts of the ride. Trail in great shape. There was standing water in some spots, as expected on an 11 mile singletrack descent this time of year...
Submitted by ladmo on 10/20/14
10 | 19 | '14
Paradise Valley is in great shape.  Doug and I were out today working on the Lloyd trail.  We cleaned some drains, fixed a few drainage issues and closed off a couple of trail braids that have popped up over the summer.  We will be bac...
Submitted by woodway on 10/19/14
10 | 16 | '14
FLowtron is riding good again.  I brushed out the trail, and I'll be back to do more brushing with the deathstick.  Geoff and Armando did some raking and smoothing of the tread, which made a huge difference.  We'll do more work this w...
Submitted by JustinVP on 10/19/14
10 | 09 | '14
First time visiting these trails but I hope to return soon. Trails are quite smooth and fast. Rode a ten mile loop from upper trailhead. Made it most of the way up the summit spur off the Outback trail but it was very rough, loose, steep and nasty. S...
Submitted by Sailor7557 on 10/16/14
10 | 13 | '14
As always, Tokul E is THE best spot for wet weather, winter riding without getting soaked.  Work parties will be posted on the Evergreen calendar this winter. Flowtron 3000 is running good, but a bit brushy.  The builders will be brushin...
Submitted by JustinVP on 10/16/14
10 | 13 | '14
Technically this was my second time out here, but really the first time on a "real" ride.  Recent brushing + the new signage made this very approachable for a newbie, and the trail conditions were very good.  Quite a surprise at how rad YGD...
Submitted by r1de on 10/14/14
10 | 12 | '14
Rode these trails for the first time Sunday.  These trails here were a twisty tight mass of rooty goodness.  Not as technical as Cuss Hollow at Duthie but still quite enjoyable. IAB is very aptly named; definitely a work out getting up.&nbs...
Submitted by SlimL on 10/14/14
09 | 27 | '14
First time riding Basalt Peak and it was a great (but tiring) ride. The climbs were often and persistent.  Soil was relatively moist for tack, but there were definitely sections (particularly higher up) where loose trail and steep inclides made...
Submitted by EvergreenBryan on 10/13/14
10 | 12 | '14
Rode the lower loop out Northwest Timber, with a climb to the maintenance access on Joyride and out Silent Swamp to Preston. Climbed Preston, now I remember why I haven't done that climb in 17 years, but it was still a good technical challenge. Very...
Submitted by rock gnome on 10/12/14
rock gnome
07 | 20 | '14
I uploaded the this trail to the maprika app and rode it to confirm the mapping was accurate. Very nice parking area that can hold around 20 cars. The group that mantains these trails have done a great job. They were in amazing shape. ites very evide...
Submitted by van462 on 10/12/14
10 | 11 | '14
Oct is here and the rains are starting. If you are new to the Banner Forest trails here are my tips on trails that typically will hold water and mud for prolonged times. Avoid Foxy Deer, Donald Duck, and Banner Slough. Banner Slough can be used to co...
Submitted by van462 on 10/12/14
10 | 10 | '14
The best switchback climbing practice near Seattle! Love this place. 1100 feet of climbing in 4.2 miles for the entrire loop. Met a friendly guy with a weed wacker clearing the trails and he's trying to get the word out more about this trail system....
Submitted by carbonguy on 10/11/14
10 | 09 | '14
TKE was once my favorite local riding spot, but the logging and the use-pass turned me away for a few seasons.  I decided it was time for me to dediscover TKE, so joined a few friends for an evening spin on some of the old standards and a few ne...
Submitted by r1de on 10/10/14
Submitting this a few days late but hoping this report can help someone grab this trail later this week before the rain comes in again. We started at the CCC Extension so can't comment on the main CCC trail. The tread was in excellent shape with just...
Submitted by MtnPavlas on 10/9/14
10 | 07 | '14
Went riding after work on Tuesday. Parked at the Community Garden entrance on 76th St. Rode across to the East side of the tracks, down past the Boeing ball fields; then down to the tracks, up the other side and back to the car on the West side....
Submitted by ernestel on 10/8/14
10 | 05 | '14
Amazing trail system of non technical and technical trails for hiking biking and horseback riding. But I gotta say, Full Suspension is the way to go when tearin' thru the endless sections of trail. We spent hours on Gnomes Trail, Once Upon a Time, Li...
Submitted by cybrslug on 10/7/14