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Humbling climb-Epic view

18 | Aug | '14

Think you're a climber? Try the ascent on Bells Mtn from Moulton Falls park. Once you get passed this first 1.5 miles of stiff, demoralizing, brute of a climb, enjoy epic views to the east as you traverse a ridge. Afterwards, it's flowy singletrack diving in and out of dense forest and some clear-cut. After the initial climb there's no sustained climbs, but there are some rewarding fast decents. I stopped at the Cold Creek day-use area equipped with picnic benches and bathrooms for a nice rest before turning back. The out-and-back made for an 18 miler (YMMV as I think I started from Lucia Falls), but this trail connects you to the Tarbell trail if you want more. 

This trail is nicely maintained and includes everything from buff to loose rocky terrain. You'll cross 3-4 logging roads along the way, but the ST pretty much picks up right across the road save one section where a sign will point you in the right direction. Needless to say, no need for a map. Some sections were a little overgrown so expect some bushwacking mid-summer. Overall, awesome trail that will become a staple. 

Submitted by Chris on 08/22/2014