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Tapeworm Trail Network


Skill builder ride, nice quick after-work destination. It takes 1-2 hours to ride everything. This is a small system of trails that are tightly wound to make the most of a power utility company lot. There are now six trails: Crop Circles (only 1/2 can be ridden), The Tapeworm, Parasite, Mr. DNA, The Silkworm and BermSled. The CycoActive map is out of date and currently only lists a few of the trails, but it will get you started in the right direction. This is a trashy section of young deciduous trees, don't expect nice forest (this area is great night riding, just be cautious of low hanging branches).

Couple trail highlights:

  • Bermsled: Flowy downhill with berms and jumps
  • Mr. DNA: Technical with roots and rocks
  • Parasite: Technical with sharp turns, roots, and log piles, many short steep ups and downs
  • Tapeworm: Technical with structures, roots, drops, short uphills and log piles.
  • Cropcircles: Maze-Like ride
  • Silkworm: Flowy XC with optional drops, structures, and berms
  • Main Path: Fire road/singletrack, easy, not hard features
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