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Silver Creek 258

22 | Aug | '14

I dind't make it all the way up to Big Rock/Osborne Mtn, but I did make it to the Silver Creek loop. What a wonderful single track!

I did the loop by climbing up road NF134 to road FR84 to the top of the trail. Don't make the same mistake I did and take the old road past the gate. The trail is up and to the left of the gate on a small knoll. You'll see the sign post if you look up there. If you do take the road down, it will go about 3.5 miles to a clearing with an incredible view out to Mt. Rainier where it dead ends. Can you guess how I know that?

The Silver Creek trail 285 down is completely single track through forest passing through some areas of really dense and dark forest. This was a great trail that I'll be repeating. Smooth, dry and fast. The climb up road FR84 is a monderate climb and real smooth. There was some traffic this weekend with berry pickers all over the hills. Once on the trai I had it all to myself.

I also made the mistake of riding up hill to the Allen Mtn. trail. Don't do it!!! It's a 4.4mile southbound hike a bike through dense undergrowth, steep exposure and killer switchbacks. Hike it, fine, but not with a bike. If you hike it, do so with a GPS. The trail literally dissapears at times on the southwest slopes through the dense shrubs and ferns.

The huckleberrys were ripening up and the huckleberry pickers were thick on the hills.

Submitted by gregld on 08/28/2014