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16 | Apr | '17

I wanna throw my 2 cents on Megafauna "Mega Fun, Ahhhh" as I call it. While probably everyone on this board has ridden it judging by the number of cars at Tiger yesterday (Sunday). So before I jump in, let me give you a background on me. I'm not the best rider. I can do everything on Tiger minus Predator. I can ride all of lower predator, but not the entrance, so there's some room for me to grow. Now that you know what I can do let's talk about this trail.

You have to think of Legend as foreplay for this trail. There's really no other way to describe it. While Legend will get you all worked up, this trail will leave you with the happy ending. It starts off steep and a bit loose at the entrance. I mean it doesn't start off with a hey, let's ride some easy entrance stuff. It's steep steep steep, a few rocks that you can easily glide over, and then a quick turn. If you guys saw the giant rock huck awesome, if not, you're about to be introduced to it here. There's a giant drop 4-5ft with a 2ft more loss on your landing making it about 6-7ft, I opted for the rocky side section to the right instead of facing certain death or at a minimum hospital ride home. After this, I felt it was really smooth and not crazy hard technically. Just a few more turns and twists on steep trail and you're at the bottom waiting for "Easy" tiger uphill. To be fooled by the name, it's a grunt up :)

All in all you can sum it up like this. Fun, I can't stress this enough, it's really fun. Fast, while I can't ride it fast, this trail has the potential to be one of the fastest trails out there with how the turns/burms are placed. Technically, I felt it was easier than lower predator, however the steepness made up for that which is why I'm assuming it has a double black on the name.

Anyways, to the builders of this trail, it's a lot of fun, thanks for the hard work!

Submitted by briathom on 04/17/2017