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Tiger’s New Power Link!

04 | Oct | '20

We rode Master Link to Quick Link and found the new Power Link on the left hand side of the fire road. This is a slightly longer and less steep climb to East Tiger Summit. It eliminates the brutal fire road climb, and is nicely graded, machine cut and well shaded. That said, I still don't think the climb is worth the short descent back to the road, just choose ETS or OTG from the road on your right, and save your strength. 
We took ETS, Preston Railroad, Silent Swamp and NW Timber back. The off camber technical root section on NW Timber is IMO unrideable, and actually dangerous as a fall will send you off a cliff. This feature needs some work, to make it rideable. Proceed with caution!

Submitted by Bryan on 10/05/2020