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Great day for Tiger

23 | Jul | '15

Weekday mornings are a magical thing for Tiger: I got to the lower lot at 8:something and found a total of 3 other cars.  Rode up to the summit via the road, and had the summit to myself.  A moderate breeze kept wafting heavy mist across the summit, and my patience was rewarded with a few brief views of Tahoma through the cloud cover.  I descended ETS, OTG, FR, SS, climbed back up the road and descended FR, JR, NWT.  Saw only 1 other bike on trail the whole time.  The trail conditions were great, but given the crazy dry summer it's been, there is no surprise to find some atomized-to-dust corners and landings, especially on parts of OTG and JR.  SS, which gets a lot less traffic, was in great shape start to finish, and had an almost backcountry feel to it.

Submitted by r1de on 07/24/2015