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Snowy ride

14 | Nov | '15

Got out for ride up NWT-JR-FR-Crossover-QuickLink on Sunday and saw a few sets of tracks up there from others.  Fully Rigid was really tough, it was about where the snow coverage began on the trails. 

I didn't get out until pretty late, so had to flip lights on at Quick Link on up and by the time I hit the summit the ground was starting to refreeze and my tires were not really gripping.  After some fun sliding on my descent on parts of ETS, I bailed to the road and took that down.  If the snow level stays low like this, I will definitely have to buy some new tires.  What a contrast to last year!

But riding in the snowy woods after dark with a thin slice of crescent moon peaking through the trees was amazing.

Submitted by hardtail on 11/17/2015