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Still no snow, lots of wind evidence

12 | Jan | '19

Started early again on the Connector, then Masterlink, Quick Link and the top of East Summit. Then came down the Summit road to Predator for a nice ride down all the way back to the parking lot. Looked down at my handlebars and the iphone was gone, i didn't check that it was fully clicked into the mount. Had to hike-a-bike the trail and found it in the middle of the final banked turn before the rock waterfall. Lucky day for me! Early enough, that no one came down after me and ran over it. I went down the road to Masterlink and then up to do Inside Passage and then returned to the upper lot. Quite a lot of wind damage on NW Timber and Inside Passage and the Gnomes are cutting it up as best they can. Was a tiring day but celebrating successes and no injury, the traction and weather was perfect! Track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 01/13/2019