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Slippery When Wet

27 | Jun | '18

Only had time for the abridged standard: ML, QL, ETS, OTG, FR, JR, NWT.  Found a surprising number of puddles on the ascent, and even more from the top down. Where the water wasn’t pooling, trail tread was mostly 👍🏼. However, with the regular refresher of puddles, this kept my tires wet and made for a lot of sideways riding up top. Upper OTG had more iffy hookups than a Bangkok nightclub (I can only imagine).

Although the slick conditions kept my speed down, it was still a great day on the mountain.

I used my folding saw to cut out the one blowdown on JR.

BTW, lower lot has been graded nicely!

Submitted by r1de on 06/27/2018