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Snow free, lots of mud, and fog but no rain

14 | Apr | '19

Started up Masterlink with the light rain gear on until I got warmed up. At the top of Masterlink I took the road to the summit and then down East Tiger, OTG, Joyride and Fully Rigid and then NW Timber. East Tiger needs our help digging out drainages at every low spot and the rain gear (O2 Original, cheap and replaceable) stayed on to collect all the mud flying everywhere. Just east of the ol' burlap or sandbag area on NW Timber is a deep mud bog you can power through but the front tire disappears a bit and surprises you if you think it is just a 1" puddle to splash through. The 8" drop surprised me. There was fog at the summit but visibility was good everywhere else. Track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 04/14/2019