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Areas of mud from Friday's rain

27 | Mar | '15

I took the road up to E Tiger Summit trail and then road that to the summit, then back down to OTG, Fully Rigid, Joyride and NWT.

OTG had some areas that were really abused, they were soft/muddy from the rain overnight and it looks like lots of people were out.  There were a few areas that I can usually deal with when riding up that wont be rideable as a result of some of this, so that's kind of a bummer.  At places it looked like a race had taken place, so I guess Saturday was just really busy. One of the few times where the conditions actually got better as I got lower.

I took a late evening Friday ride just before the rain started and OTG was very different, in nice shape, no mud, ruts or deep scars... 

Submitted by hardtail on 03/29/2015