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Getting closer to clear

12 | Mar | '21

Started from the upper lot at 7am and took the Connector to Masterlink. Rode Masterlink to its top, all clear. The road up there isn't too ridable yet but it's close. Quicklink is clear except for two switchbacks where 20' sections of snow are and make you walk. I walked after QL, up the road, to the top of Predator, and then went down. There are squirrely, snowy, patches up top, but farther down, its all clear. I was rolling/walking more than sending today being too conservative. Old bones just don't heal as quick anymore, taking less risks. After Predator I went back up to do Inside Passage, Crosshaul and EBAD, and then back to the car. The root waterfall on EBAD has been really trimmed and is ridable. A big saw will be needed on a fallen, decayed tree on the Passage. It was a real pretty day. GPS track and pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 03/12/2021