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November night ride

03 | Nov | '14

From a water standpoint, there is an increasing amount of flow in the streams up here.  That's fine for the ones that are routed through drain pipes or culverts, but for the assorted others that are randomly spilling down the mountainside, they are now spilling on to the trails more.  Parts of Preston RR that were fairly dry a few days ago, now have light streams running down and across them.  Not significant yet, but it's clearly swelling up.

Hadn't done this at night before, rode up to top of Preston RR on the road and took Preston down to Bail Out.  Preston was great for night riding, plenty of visibility and other than the slippery rocks and roots, not too challenging.  It has that cozy in the woods feel too.  Bail Out is hard during the day and with all the twists and drops from tree roots, it was hard to know where I was going and what was next.  I'd probably just continue on down Preston next time I did this at night, but didnt have time on this ride.

Weather was mixed, at times I had nearly full moon and even in the woods that helped frame trees, etc.  At other points, large fog banks rolled over and made it hard to see beyond my front wheel.  As these warm nights continue (it was around 55 at 10pm), there is some great night riding to be had out here!

Submitted by hardtail on 11/05/2014