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Dry and firm

11 | Nov | '14

Hit this again after a couple of days of cold/dry weather. 

As r1de says, it's in great shape.  We hit Iverson, NW Timber and Joyride before turning around to get back to the cars before total darkness.

I think the tree down on Iverson that r1de mentioned is newly down, at least I can't recall it being there last time I rode it.  All the water on the trails either froze into the ground or just sublimated into the air during the last couple of frigid nights.  There are few icy areas, mostly just firm ground, and only 1-2 muddy areas that arent frozen up.  There were ice crystals and slush in the lower lot and some pretty good wind was blowing through, so it was cold! All very rideable, excellent in fact!! Lots of small branches down, providing some nice green contrast to help in the low light conditions we had on our ride back down.

But bring layers and insulated gloves if you are out in the evening, air temp is around 30 up on the mountain and i'd guess wind chill during the wind storms is low 20s.

Submitted by hardtail on 11/13/2014