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Wet/Muddy but still good riding

07 | Feb | '15

I took NWT-Joyride-Silent Swamp-Crossover Road up and it's the wettest and muddiest I've ridden so far this winter.  Not surprising given all the rain recently.  The lower down trails have some increasingly large mud pits, even Silent Swamp which has been awesome this winter.  There is a large tree down across Silent Swamp about 1/8 mile from where it intersects Crossover Rd.  Usually I power up Joyride, the roots and rocks were pretty challenging today, very slick so it was much slower going.

Ride down was a blast, East Tiger Summit trail was in the best shape as usual, the water seems to shed from the trail up top the quickest and so it was pretty dry.

Made it down just as darkness was setting in and the first drops of the next rainstorm were starting to hit!

Submitted by hardtail on 02/08/2015