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Fog both times

21 | May | '21

Had a Dr appointment this week to review my Bicep MRI and to figure out the repair plan.


Doc said "one tendon is detached but it isn't 'an important one'. If you can still function 'as is' in your daily routines, a repair might be too risky and might not be successful. Go test it".  So I took the Stumpjumper to Tiger and went up Masterlink and Powerlink (first time), then came down Preston and BailOut to climb the road back up. I summited again and came down OTG, Fully Rigid, Joyride, and the NWT bypass to finish. The summit was foggy both times which was depressing but the arm had no loss of function while I was mountain biking! I had my best OTG run! My Summer of biking isn't "over" and surgery has been averted. GPS track and a couple pictures are here. Trails drained well, there are some puddles, and the roots are wet and dicy.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/22/2021